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How to Win in Online Casinos: The Process in a Nutshell

Here’s the basic process for making money playing in online casinos, from getting in to getting out:

1) Open a Neteller or Ecocard account by following the simple instructions at Neteller’s web site or Ecocard’s web site.

2) Gather information about what bonuses online casinos are offering.

3) If you see one that looks good, you click on it to get the details.

4 ) If the details still sound good, you go to the Terms & Conditions page to find all of the terms you must adhere to in order to meet the wagering requirement.

5 ) You then multiply the deposit and/or bonus by whatever factor the T & C specify as the WR to find the total amount you must wager.

6) You then check the T & C to see if any of the casino’s games are disallowed from qualifying for the WR. After you find what games are allowed, you multiply the WR times the house percentage against you, to find the cost of playing the game to meet the WR.

7) If the profit looks reasonable based on the amount of time you estimate it will take you to meet the WR, you check the T & C to see if the bonus is automatically entered into your account, or if you have to jump through any other hoops to get that bonus.

For example, some casinos specify that you must enter a “code” to apply for the bonus either before or after depositing your funds. Others may require you to email a request for the bonus. Or you may be required to bet a small amount of your own money before the bonus funds are added. Some may state that the bonus will automatically be added to your account, but that it will not appear in your account for some number of hours.

8) After ascertaining the hoops you must jump through, you make a record of all the details.

9) You now deposit funds with the casino cashier via your Neteller account or Ecocard account, and proceed to jump through any hoops necessary to get your bonus credited to your account.

10 ) Finally, you enter the casino and play your game of choice, keeping track of the total amount of money you bet, so that you know when you have met the WR.

11) You withdraw your funds and celebrate (but only after recording all the details. Always keep a record of details and withdrawals until you’ve gotten paid.)

12) You can make a lot of money playing in online casinos, and it’s fun. Just be sure to follow the advice above and play only inreputable online casinos with good bonuses.

13) For more information on how to win in online casinos, read the articles in the Win Online Table of Contents, at the left of this page.


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