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Pizza Express Vouchers


Pizza Express Vouchers

Pizza Express is a fabulous chain of Italian restaurants, specialising in Pizza and Pasta, set in fantastic surroundings. Using fresh ingredients, Pizza Express have a great choice of Starters, Sides, Mains and Desserts as well as a Takeaway menu, that incorporates all the Pizza Express favourites. Pizza Express is a great place to dine whether as a family, on business, or as a romantic treat. Book your table at Pizza Express and use your pizza express vouchers.

Pizza Express have a wide range of pizzas, pastas and drinks to suit all tastes. With helpful staff, great food, and a great environment, you can’t go wrong when eating in Pizza Express restaurants. Find the latest Pizza Express VouchersPizza Express Vouchers here:

When Valentine Warner, one of the UK’s most loved TV cooks and food writers offered to create some new pizzas for us, we jumped at the chance to bring his unique creativity, and passion for food, to life on our menu.

Valentine and Pizza Express first met back in the 1990s, when he was a waiter at our restaurants. Now he’s taken his love for pizza and passion for lesser known local Italian recipes, to develop two amazing pizzas on a classic base for you to enjoy. you can get 35% off at Pizza Express and pay just £12.95 for a 3 course meal using a this Pizza Express Vouchers.

Is Pizza Good for you?

Leader Georgina Horton tests out another restaurant and assesses the wisest food choices on the menu.

Georgina went to Pizza Express with her friend Jo to check out this restaurant chain with her Pizza Express vouchers and this is what she found.

Known for its Mediterranean feel and its vast menu, Pizza Express is always a good choice for people who either want a slap-up meal, a quick bite for lunch or are eating on a budget.

Download Pizza Express Vouchers

When pizza is mentioned to people watching their weight it is often ruled out of the equation – but you can adapt the majority of dishes on the menu to keep the ProPoints values down, as salads can come without the dressings, pizza can be served without the oil, and mozzarella can be left out following a simple request to the chef – and of course, you have your weekly ProPoints allowance to dip into for occasions exactly such as eating out and saving with Pizza Express vouchers.

Watch the film to see Valentine introduce his two fabulous pizzas on the Pizza Express website and then download your Pizza Express vouchers.

Why not try them today with the latest Pizza Express Vouchers?

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