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Are vouchers and voucher codes for you or really just for the retailer? This article about vouchers for you will highlight the pros and cons of vouchers. Our website is daily updating its latest vouchers so why not pop to our homepage and have a look at our latest voucher for you.

One of the problems with the reams of voucher codes currently littering the world wide web. For the retailers, they are a clever ploy – a relatively cheap way of targetting their marketing at certain customers, or increasing slaes at certain times of year. So are these vouchers for you or the retailer?

That’s one of the reasons they have become ubiquitous. It seems that nowadays you cannot check out from your online shop without a promising-looking ‘discount code’ box, which is like a red rag to a bull to the average bargainhunter. We are driven to Google, searching for that elusive combination of letters and numbers that will magically unlock the savings. Once we find one, of course, we’re tempted to put a bit more into the basket to further maximise our ‘winnings’. After all, the code doesn’t last forever.

If we don’t find one, of course, we feel cheated and may even be tempted not to buy the item after all. The very presence of the discount code box means we expect that there is a voucher out there somewhere, if only we could find it, and we may decide to wait until next week – or check out a rival website where there may be a better discount.

Such is the psychology surrounding voucher codes. You don’t have to be a marketing genius or topflight economist to work out that it is in the retailers’ interests to provide these codes, jacking up the average price of the items they sell to compensate – hence the massive growth in the sites offering them.

After all, a good voucher code has everything – the thrill of the chase, the feeling that the shopper has somehow ‘won one over’ the retailer, and a lingering feeling of brand loyalty that comes with having secured a good bargain. And there’s always the chance to sell the goods at a higher price to those who aren’t savvy enough to search for the code in the first place, so there is a little extra profit to be made on the side.

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